14 Jul 2019

Why should you have a Wedding Planner? by Glamour Weddings

Every couple should have a WP.
A Wedding Planner is someone who you trust and who will do the possible and the impossible in order you have the perfect day.
A WP must listen and learn with the couple.
A WP is must be honest. If she thinks that some of your ideas will not result she will tell you and never ever will make you spend money on something that will not add value to your special day. This is the person that will never give you a “no” when you ask for help.
A WP is your hears and your eyes on your wedding day. She will make the best decisions on your behalf because without you even realize she will become your best friend. During the last year you have talked to her more than with your mums, sisters, friends… This is the secret to make your Wedding Day a magic one: trust!

You must look for your WP. Your sole mate. And you will find her. You must know more than one WP until you feel: “I want you to be my Wedding Planner, our trust person and our wedding fairy who will make our Wedding dream come true”.

Each couple has different needs and there are some things that are perfect for a couple and for you they aren’t. Your WP is always on your side, representing you in front of all the suppliers.
This is not JUST one more service. For the WP, the couple is above all and everything and we should plan, organize, coordinate… always on behalf of you even if we have the best relationship with the rest of professionals involved.

Last but not least and essential: it is very important that the WP is friendly but correct, she should get well with all the suppliers and knowing the meaning of team work.
A WP must be a lĂ­der, not only give orders. If all the suppliers are happy with the way the WP treats them, the result will be beyond your expectations. The secret for the success of your Wedding is that you surround by real professionals, to whom you must respect, be polite and appreciate their work. If they work happy they will get more involved and make sure that you will have the best day of your lives. When a supplier stays until the end of the party and not only for a limite of time this means he/she is happy doing the job, the couple was polite from beginning to end and the WP treated them well.

This is our way of work and our philosophy. The same way you do not present in court without your lawyer, why should you organize your wedding without a Wedding Planner?

If this is what you are looking for in a WP, you only have to contact us and we will be delighted to hear you.

Glamour Girls,
Carin & Pat