14 Feb 2019

Celebration time, come on!

Today we celebrate Glamour Weddings anniversary and after this last year this is what we’ve realised:

1. We made a lot of new friends

2. We slept very few hours in many days but the smiles on all weddings paid all the sleeping time we’ve lost

3. We’ve been through very difficult times, days and situations but those were the ones that gave us the opportunity to learn more and try always to do it better next time

4. We dealt with difficult couples who challenged ourselves and who sometimes made us think if this really worth it

5. We missed some personal and family moments to make others people wedding dream come and we will never forget that

6. We got disappointed, we cried and some days we thought to quite but that would be too easy

7. Without all of you, couples, friends, family, suppliers, this would not be possible. We already said it and we will repeat it forever

8. And also without you our baby Glamour Weddings couldn’t grow up as ‘he’ is doing. It is incredible and sometimes unbelievable for us the number of people that daily demonstrates how they love us and we would like to show that it is mutual, more than we sometimes can

9. Today we celebrate for us but mostly for you

10. Last, but certainly not least, it is a year to enjoy, that is for sure and we can’t wait to start writing another page of this glamorous book!




A huge thank you to our dearest Mar a Sul Visual Stories that keeps on surprising us with beautiful pictures and Benedita Dias for the delicious birthday cake!

And by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

Patricia & Carin