13 May 2018

What is your Wedding Style?

Close your eyes and think how you imagine your Wedding style. This will help you a lot on the moment you have to pick your wedding venue and your suppliers. If you have in mind a rustic style do not pick an urban hotel as the place for your reception.


This trend born in Great Britain and it is inspired in the big countryside houses and farms. It is known by the mix of old rustic elements with modern touches. In this style we will see pastel colours (blush, dusty pink, nude, mint, ivory…) and white, a lot of white. The flower prints are also very present. In this style we can also see that the furniture has a very important role especially old items, antiques and restored furniture. The perfect venue for the Shabby Chic style is a garden with a lot of green surroundings. Peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias and roses are the most popular flowers for the decoration.

Shabby Chic


When we imagine this type of wedding we can only think about the word LOVE. To create this atmosphere and especially at night we recommend the abundant use of candles and candelabras to give that romantic touch. And of course flowers, loads of flowers in bright tones. As for the place, it should be a fairy tale venue. A palace or a castle surrounded with beautiful gardens. Another details that gives this romantic factor are the soap bubbles. You can use them in a certain moment of the day, like during the first dance. The release of butterflies at the end of the ceremony also gives an unexpected and sweet effect.



As we can see by the terminology, for this style of wedding we definitely have to be in the countryside, in the middle of nature, surrounded by trees. If it is by a river, even better. To create this scenario we will use natural materials as wood tables and chairs and flower centrepieces with greenery and wild flowers.

Rustic & Countryside


Welcome to the city! Forget about the countryside and leave the green behind unless the venue you chose have a garden but it is not the most common situation. The most popular venues are emblematic buildings, historical ones, hotels, modern and stylish restaurants or an industrial warehouse with loads of lights hanging from the ceiling. If the place has a terrace with city views, perfect! Your photos will have as background cars, buildings and streets. Highly recommended for cosmopolitan and city lovers’ couples.



Traditional weddings with religious ceremonies where the classic music has a very important role like piano, violin, string quartet, classical voices. For the first dance a waltz, of course. Among the flowers we will find a predominance of roses and the main colour will be the white.



Bride and groom in a hippie style. They want something natural, relaxed and casual. This couple do not follow any protocol and prefers a private and intimate type of wedding with just a few guests. The beach or the countryside are the hot spots for this kind of wedding and also private villas, which the couple uses for accommodation for closest family. The bride wears a comfortable and light dress with a natural hair style most of the times with a flower crown. The bohemian groom instead of the classic suit will prefer an informal outfit.



It follows the Shabby Chic Style, as the Vintage Wedding is also known to use a lot of antiques as decorative elements. To consider it vintage, as the word indicates, the items should have more than 20 years old. The colours are intense but dusty at the same time and look like aged. The bride usually wears a vintage wedding dress or the one that her mum got married with after small design changes.



Everything is allowed (or almost), the sky is the limit! In this case, the couple chose a theme and this will be applied to all the atmosphere including decoration and dress code for guests. We work according to a mood board that the couple creates with pictures and inspirations. Our work, as Wedding Planners, is turn that into reality!



All pictures from Pinterest